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I wanted to make this post a lot earlier but I just couldn't find the time and now I'm only 2 days away from my last exam day so maybe this is a bit unnecessary, but oh well... I wanted to do a little personal update because I've been absent for almost a month! I hate neglecting my blog, but there were a few things that needed my full attention.

The first and probably most important thing that has keeping my very busy lately, are my final exams. In the Netherlands before you graduate from secondary school (we don't have high school), you need to pass your final exams. I stopped writing posts temporarily during this period because I wanted to fully focus on passing my exams.

When I started my blog I wanted to be very dedicated and write a new post every other day. I wanted to write in English because it just seemed like a lot of fun to me and I thought that I'd be able to reach a bigger audience. Now that I've been blogging for almost half a year, I feel the urge to start making Youtube videos again. I used to have my own Youtube channel and over a thousand subscribers (thanks to a Primark haul video gone 'viral'), but making videos is very time consuming and I didn't have a lot of ideas so it just didn't really work out.
Now that I've been blogging for a few months I realise that maybe I prefer talking to a camera rather than writing posts like this.
But then the big question rises again: Am I going to make English videos or Dutch videos? I'm very insecure about my English pronunciation, and the Youtube comments can be mean... On the other side, I'm going to start studying Hotelmanagement (in English) so English will pretty much become my main language, haha ;-)

Because I still need to decide whether I'm going to make English Youtube videos or Dutch youtube videos, I'm going to start by uploading a few videos without me talking. This will probably be a Vlog about my trip to New York, and maybe a spring/summer Look book that also doesn't require any talking.

I feel relieved after sharing my thoughts here in this post... It doesn't matter if nobody reads it, although I would like your opinion!

Should you make videos / blog in your native language or in English?

New posts will be be coming up soon,



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