April Goals


Paris, October 2013
Each year we all make New Years resolutions. Last year I decided to take that to the next level and make a small list of goals at the beginning of each month. I think setting goals that are not too big for yourself each month is a great way to just get things done. When I accomplish all of the goals I've made that month month, I think to myself - Hey, I proved to myself that I can do that!


- Enjoy my last month in secondary school before taking my final exams
- Go outside more often
- Save money so I can spend it on nice things when I'm in New York & Toronto
- Work on my math skills to become more confident because I truly suck at maths
- Try out the Filips Lumea IPL laser - hello soft 'n silky legs!


- Relax and don't worry too much about my upcoming exams
Achieved / Failed
Although I neglected my schoolwork a little too much (Netflix oh dear), I made sure to relax ;-) 

- Don't spend hours browing through twitter, facebook, instagram etc before I go to sleep
Achieved / Failed
Failed miserably, I'm not even going to comment on this one...

- Be healthier
Achieved / Failed
I discovered granola and other healthy snacks I really like! I'm getting closer and closer to a more healthy lifestyle.

- Enjoy this month even tough I don't have any big events coming up!
Achieved / Failed
This month wasn't very exciting, but I had the change to catch up on school, read a book and enjoy a couple of warm days. Summer is getting closer!

- Sell & donate a lot of stuff that I never use
Achieved / Failed
I totally forgot about this goal. But I'll make time for it after graduation. I have to sort out my stuff anyway since I'm going to move to another city, so that will sure involve selling and donating things.

Do you have any goals for this month?


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  1. super leuke goals heb je xx


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