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A few years ago, my parents used to call me a mess when it came to tidying up my room. I threw my clothes on the floor, never cleaned up after myself, et cetera. My dad and his girlfriend, who are real neat freaks, often had difficulties dealing with my cleaning habits and this resulted in considerable tension.

Maybe my father and his girlfriend inspired me, or someone else, I don't know, but for about two years now I try to apply the "Living Light" motto. At the beginning of my journey I didn't call it "Living Light" yet, I only tried to clean my room more often. After I'd read more and more articles about people who are "living light", I became very excited about the whole concept.

What is "Living Light?"
Everyone has their own interpretations when it comes to living light. For me, it mostly means being at peace, having some peace in my mind as well as around me. A clean and tidy environment equates to a peaceful state of mind.

Because I became more interested in living light, I discovered that I absolutely love planning and organising. I secretly hate unexpected turns, so to make daily life as easy as possible, I try to plan (almost) everything.

You have to be careful to not exaggerate this, of course. The trick is to find the perfect balance between leading a structured life, but also having space for the unexpected surprises in life. I make packing lists for weekends away / holidays, for important school weeks I make a day-to-day planning and I'd like to keep everything as tidy as possible. Everything? Yes, everything! From my wardrobe closet to my computer (where I have all my documents neatly arranged in folders).

Living light also involves living with a minimum amount of clutter. Whenever I clean up my room, I come across so many things that I like. Candles, magazines, crafting things, etc. I keep all this stuff in boxes and even though I don't look at it for years, I still don't want to throw it away. Anyone else guilty of doing this?

As I'm trying to live light, i try to get rid of all these things that i don't really need. So for me, living light is linked to minimalism. No more birthday presents that end up at the back of my closet, you can make me happy with a bouquet of flowers for example. :-)

A person that inspires me a lot is Coco from She's a Dutchie like me, but moved to the United States a couple of years ago. She is my absolute role model when it comes to living light. If you became interested in the concept of 'Living Light' after reading this article, I definitely recommend you to visit her blog!




  1. Interesting, I think living light has a lot to do with how you live and your environment. I have always believed that if your home is cluttered so is your interior life, much baggage and unnecessary drama. That's why I like nordic home decor, it's simple and so uncomplicated.
    I have a few things that I have a hard time parting with, but recently I have been purging to declutter and feel free. It's really liberating. :)

  2. I completely agree with you. :) Good luck and nice to read about other people's experiences with living light!


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