Valentine's Day: Cookies


First food-related post, yay! For this Valentine's Day I made V-day themed sugar cookies!

If you want to know the recipe I used, I recommend this website. Sugar cookies are the best cookies, especially when they're frosted!

First, I made the dough, rolled it out and cut out heart shapes.

 The cookies need to bake for approx. 6-8 minutes and I took them out before they started browning around the edges.

This was the hardest part: The icing. I used Wilton food colouring and mixed some powdered sugar and milk. I started by tracing the outline of the cookie, and then filled it in. As you can see, they're not perfect, but this was my first attempt, hehe. ;-)

You can give a couple of these away to your friends, or you can just keep 'em all to yourself... That's what I did ;-) Lucky for me, my boyfriend doesn't have a sweet tooth. So they're all mine! Hehe.

Hope this gives you a little inspiration!



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  1. Lurch Hound Loves11 February 2015 at 15:09

    OMG this recipe looks divine! xx


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