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I got to pick a lot of products from The Body Shop as a Christmas present. I didn't have any experience with their products but the fact that TBS is a natural, (mostly) fair trade and against animal-testing brand increased my interest! A few of the products I got are from the special Christmas Edition, and I didn't want to wait any longer posting this because it would be a bit strange to talk about products from a Christmas Edition when it's not even winter anymore... hehe.

List of products:
- Blueberry Body Scrub Gelee - 200 ml
- Frosted Cranberry shimmer lotion (yay, shimmers!) - 250 ml
- Early-Harvest Raspberry shower gel - 250 ml
- Moringa Body Sorbet gel - 200 ml
- Passion Fruit Body Butter - 200 ml

The Blueberry Body Scrub smells really good and I really like the gel-substance. I also had to pick up one of the famous The Body Shop Body Butters! The passion fruit body butter smells amazing and it was also on sale, so a win-win situation... ;-) I'm not really fond of body butters that are packed this way because of hygiene issues... But oh well.

 (say no to a not-focusing camera, had so much trouble getting the product on my arm photographed)

The Moringa Body Sorbet is a product I can recommend to everyone! It smells fan-tas-tic, I'm telling you. I also like body gels because they're very light, so this was the perfect combination. It's perfect for spring.

(had trouble again photographing this one, ugh)

Yay, shimmering lotion! I love those. I don't really now why TBS has a shimmering body lotion in their winter collection, because I'm always wearing 5 layers of clothing during the winter so nobody would see the shimmer. :( I decided to get it anyway, because I thought it would be perfect for summer. I think the shimmers will be a lot more noticeable in sunlight!

What do you think about The Body Shop?



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  1. I see so many body shop products I want to try, those body scrubs look awesome!


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