February Goals


Each year we all make New Years resolutions. Last year I decided to take that to the next level and make a small list of goals at the beginning of each month. I think setting goals that are not too big for yourself each month is a great way to just get things done. When I accomplish all of the goals I've made that month month, I think to myself - Hey, I proved to myself that I can do that!

My goals for February are:

- Enjoy all the amazing events in February
I have 3 big performances in February (Yes I sing!), I'm going to a concert with my friends, my boyfriend and I have our 1,5y anniversary on Valentines Day, I'm going to Paris for two days and at the end of February I have a one week break from school! I should be very grateful for all of those things, and I really want to enjoy them.
- Bring my camera to Paris and make amazing photos and videos
- Spoil my mom on her birthday
She always says she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday, but I really want to spoil her this year.
- Make sure, with all the amazing events happening in February, that I still do my homework and don't skip school too much.

- Buy a new lens for my camera
I've got my eye on the Canon 50 mm lens for a while now and I'm planning on buying it next week!
- Use your giftcard to buy the Anastacia Dipbrow
As I already mentioned in my Beauty Wishlist post, the Anastacia Dipbrow is a product I've had on my wishlist for ages now. I got a giftcard for Christmas which I can use to buy it, so I really want to do that this month.

What are your goals for February?



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