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What's your mission? What's missing in your life right now? Two and a half years ago, my friends gave me this amazing journal called 'Q&A a Day'. I can explain to you how cool this journal is in a very boring way, but I found a much better description and it explains perfectly what I like so much about this Q&A journal!

"Do you ever stop to wonder how you got where you are? The Q&A a Day Journal shows you what was going through your head each day—for five years of your life. Simply turn to today’s date, answer the question at the top of the page, and when you finish the journal, start over. As you return to the daily questions again over the years, you’ll notice how your answers change (or don’t)! With questions that are sometimes provocative (“On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you?”), occasionally quirky (“What can you smell right now?”), and inevitably interesting (“If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?”), this classically designed journal—embellished with beautiful details—is the perfect gift for anyone embarking on a new phase of life."

The question on January 1st is for example 'What is your mission?' It really makes me reflect on life and think about all the special things happening in my life right now. I really like that it doesn't take a lot of time to answer the questions. Yes, some questions are pretty deep and to answer them you do need to take a moment, but you don't have to write a long story everyday. I think it's a great thing to take a step back each day and just take a moment to reflect on your life. :)

And when you come back to questions you've already answered the year before, it's so much fun to read back what you wrote! For instant, on February 12th I wrote: 'I really hope to see *my boyfriends name* soon, I'm starting to like him'. Nearly half a year later, we were in a relationship. ;-) Or how my thoughts on what I want to be when I grow up change. I try to answer the question first, and then read back what I wrote the year before. The funny thing is that most of the time my answer is very similar to what I wrote the previous year, but some answers are completely different compared to the year before.

Q&A a Day is the perfect journal for people who have a hard time keeping up a normal journal, but like to reflect on each day and write down how they've experienced it. 

Q&A a Day, published by Potterstyle, can be purchased at Amazon.com but is probably available at more online stores. :)

For Dutch people: Bol.com




  1. What a great way to see the different paths your life takes and where your state of mind was!

    New follower here =)

    xx Lindsay

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  2. Yay a new follower! I'm following you back, thanks for commenting :) x


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