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I really wanted to make a post with my own photos, but unfortunately it was so dark outside today that I couldn't get the lightening right. So for today I decided to make a post with outfits created with Polyvore! I've always used Looklet to make outfits, but unfortunately for some reason the site doesn't work anymore... :( I'm not that familiar with Polyvore, but I think the outfits I made turned out pretty good... Let me know what you think!

Winter outfit #1

So we start off with a simple outfit (this was my first set every made, so don't be hard on me please! haha)

This is something I'd wear on a daily basis. While a lot of girls wear black during the winter, I personally think that it's very important to wear something white now and then. The boots in this set are an exact replica of a pair that I own. I absolutely love them. You can combine it with almost every outfit and I think they're classy and rebellious at the same time. 

For the accessories I decided to go with a gold watch and bracelet (although I'll never be able to afford that Cartier bracelet, that doesn't keep me from including it in my set!).

And last but not least, a fuzzy wintercoat and nice warm scarf, and for a pop of colour a purple classy bag. I think every woman should own a bright coloured bag, to cheer up their outfit if necessary. 

Winter outfits #2

For the next outfit I chose something elegant but can still be worn on a daily basis. Although it is winter and it is cold, don't neglect your crop tops! You can still wear them, especially when they're made of wool or another fabric that'll keep you warm. To avoid a complete black outfit I decided to go with a bordeaux-coloured skirt. When it comes to jewelry, I kept it simple. I absolutely love those triangle earrings!

You can either choose to wear heals with this look or just comfy flat shoes, it just depends on the situation! I must admit that I'm really proud of this look because it's a very decent look that you can wear at a lot of different occasions.

Let me know what you think!




  1. love them, especially the first!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  2. I love both looks! And your first set turned out great, no need to worry! :-)

    1. Hehe thanks Laura! I'll be creating more looks soon, I'm addicted now :-)

  3. Love both outfits they look great!



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