My favourite moisturizer: Yes to Cucumbers


In this post I want to share my favourite moisturizer with you. It's cheap, it's soothing, it's fresh, I'm so in love with it! It's the Yes to Cucumbers daily calming facial moisturizer.

About a year ago I received a Beautybox (I have no idea if this is something we only have here in the Netherlands), which is a box full of beauty products - full size and sample size. The Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer was one of the products I received back then. I was very excited to try it out, since I have a very dry skin. I'd heard about the brand Yes to Cucumbers/Carrots/etc before, but it didn't really caught my attention in the first place.

I was at that time looking for a day moisturizer, something light and refreshing, so this little bottle arrived at the right time!

Yes to Cucumbers is focuses on gentle, hypoallergenic formulas for normal or sensitive skin types. The directions are quite funny - I like it. When I used it for the first time, I definitely thought to myself 'hey, that feels nice!' ;-) It also says '...they're the perfect calming agent for face and eyes.' Well... I accidentally got some of the product in my eyes once and I can tell you... The soothing refreshed feeling was over. So I wouldn't recommend using it for your eyes, haha. Other than that, this product is amazing, I'm telling you!

(I forgot to make a picture of the bottle without the cap, but it has a very convenient pump system.)

So why is this my favourite moisturizer? Well, as I already said, it's VERY refreshing. I love the smell, I love that it's a light cream and it absorbs very quickly. It's also a nice detail that the product is paraben-free. I usually don't attach much value to paraben-free products, but I mean... It's a nice extra! After I put it on my skin feels very soft and healthy. I also like the packaging. You could easily bring it with you for travelling because it's a little bottle.


+ Absorbs quickly
+ Nice packaging, very convenient
+ Smells fresh, but not like soap
+ And... It's also very moisturising... small detail ;-)

- 50 ml is not a lot
- It doesn't have SPF in it

The price of this moisturizer is around £11.99/ € 11,99 / $ 14,99
UK: Available at Boots
US: the website ships to the US (only)
NL: you can find 'Yes to...' products at V&D.



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