My Beauty Wishlist


Even though I don't really "need" more make-up than I already have, there are always new products on my wishlist. A lot of the things on my list are products I just can't afford right now... Gosh.. Make-up can be so expensive! Oh well, maybe someday. When I win the lottery. ;-)

The low quality of this Polyvore set is killing me, but I've spend a lot of time on this so hopefully it won't bother you too much.

What's on your wishlist? Let me know!




  1. This is one nice list of some really awesome products. I have been using the Anastasia eye brow pomade and can't imagine what I've done with my eye brows before this was on the market. It's such a great product. I do have the naked palette, but I must say that I will most likely not repurchase it. Something about the colors that just doesn't rattle my cage. However, I did, just a week ago, bought the Bobbi Brown palette in Nude on Nude and I just love all the shades. Have a look at that one if you have a chance. Thank you for sharing!

  2. In deze wishlist kan ik me wel vinden! Ik zit al maanden te twijfelen of ik het Naked palet nou wel of niet moet gaan kopen, want ja, hij is toch wel érg mooi... De EOS lipbalm heb ik inmiddels, en die werkt erg fijn! De kwastenset ziet er ook goed uit, tof, dat metalen handvat. Liefs!

  3. Thankyou so much for your comment and recommendations! I also realised that I shouldn't save money for the Naked Palette because there are so many other great palettes out there... However, I do plan on buying the Dipbrow asap! Can't wait any longer, I want to try it out! :)

  4. I've got SOOOO many wishes! I have a lot of the same products on my wishlist!! Dip Brow, velvetines. nars sheer glow and the RT brushes!! I actually made a post on part of my wishlist on my blog! I do own the lip scrub (its amazing, works well and tastes so so yummy) and the naked palette (although I do think the colors don't really go together all that well, the shadows and colors are all amazing!) But I've got my eyes on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


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