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One of my favorite make-up brands is KIKO, without a doubt. KIKO Milano originated from Italy (as the name already states). I therefore first came across this brand when i was celebrating my holidays in Florence. When I entered a KIKO store for the first time, the first thing that caught my eye was the infinite range of eyeshadow colors and nail polish. And it got even better! Their product-pricing got me even more excited. 

We have a few good budget make-up brands here in the Netherlands. I love those brands, because the quality of the products are very high compared to the price that they are sold for. Same goes voor KIKO products: They're are extremely affordable. An eyeshadow or nail polish only costs € 2,90! I have to say, as a true beauty addict, I was sceptic at first: I liked the prices, but if the quality sucks it's still a waste of money.

In the KIKO stores you can test every product - from primers to daycreams and mascaras to make-up brushes. As you can imagine, you'll have to be a bit careful with this. For hygiene reasons I never test a product directly on my skin. I think the idea is still great though, you'll never be disappointed by the quality of your purchased product(s).

Unfortunately for us Dutch people, we have only one KIKO store in the whole country (Amstelveen). :( They do have a webshop that ships worldwide, but the downside is that you can't swatch the products. I had the same problem when buying online, but I found out that there are a lot of reviews on the internet, so you can always check them first before deciding whether to buy a product or not.

I wasn't able to find a list of all countries where you can find KIKO stores, but they do have a shop locator on their website!

Last summer I went to Florence with my boyfriend and I wanted to spend my KIKO giftcard I got for my birthday there. Unfortunately, something went wrong with activating my card so I couldn't use it in the stores... But lucky me, when I got home I received a special code worth of € 35 to spend on KIKO products in the online shop! I spend a few hours deciding what to get and a few weeks later the package arrived ;-) 

As you can imagine, I was very excited about all of the products and I have a review coming up for you!



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